Pure Land

UIYR – stage projection, sound and image

Excerpt from UNARVU performance by the Dance company UIYR at the BHAVAN Theatre in August 2016.
Uiyr is a performance group brought together by Sankalpam Dance Company. The performers of Uiyr originate from Sri Lanka and this excerpt from the production describes their forced evacuation from their homeland during the civil war which began in 1983. This performance at the Bhavan Theatre (2nd July 2016) in West Kensington was introduced by Dr. Ann David from Roehampton University. The video projection includes sound recordings of the performers recounting their experiences of the war in Sri Lanka and their subsequent journeys to the UK.

Choreography by Stella Uppal Subbiah (Sankalpam)
Video projection and filmed live performance: Allan Parker and Mahsa Madresfahani